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Ahhh, summer in Oklahoma!  While many of us look forward to enjoying the "dog days of summer", oftentimes our pets can suffer due to the extreme temperatures found in our state.  Below we have listed some important points for pet owners to remember during the hot summer months.

Avoid leaving your pet inside a vehicle as the temperature inside a vehicle can rapidly increase resulting in heat stroke.  The temperature inside a closed vehicle can reach 120 degrees Farenheit in a matter of minutes!

Avoid jogging with your pet during the hot parts of the day!  Remember, you can put on shorts and a tank-top, but your four legged friend doesn't have that luxury!

Make sure that all pets left outside have unrestricted access to fresh water and shade at all times!

Consider leaving a kiddy pool in the yard for your pet to cool off in when desired!

Practice water safety.  Pets, even those that are excellent swimmers, can drown if thrown out of a moving boat.  Many companies make life preservers for pets...these can save a life!

Antifreeze can be a year-round problem.  It tastses sweet to animals but it is very toxic, even in small amounts!  Make sure that any spills, no matter the cause, are cleaned up immediately to prevent ingestion.  Contact a veterinarian if you suspect your pet has ingested any amount of antifreeze!

Be prepared in case of an emergency.  When traveling, make sure you know the telephone numbers of veterinarians in the area you are visiting! 


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